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What does 很/一船 mean in Chinese language or slang?

是谁 能 不能 说我 》很一船“ 的意思?
句子 是 ; 你 汉语 说 得 很 真棒。很 一 船。
因为 我没找到 在 词典上, 就 这是不是 汉语说话?
谢谢 您。

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    中文 没有 “一船”
    很 = very

    maybe you mean 遗传(yí chuán)=Inheritance

    maybe 一般 (yī bān)
    means your chinese is just so so

    your Chinese is very foreign
    and 一般 doesn't mean "common" as "natural"
    it means "common" as "low rated"

    I thank it is “一般‘ in chinese . It means ‘so so' .If you make sure it is ' 一船’ in chinese .It means 'a ship'

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