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what's the difference between يجلس و يُجالس

I saw some verbs that has both structures, but when i look for them at the dictionary, it seems like they mean the same.. is there any different?
يجلس - يُجالس
يضحك - يضاحك

which is more often used or when do you use yajlis/yadhak and yujaalis/ yudaahik?


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    In my opinion, يجلس means "sit", like when you say "I sit on the chair". But يجالس means something like "sit with people", "sit and talk with people"...etc. So, I think it's like "sit/stay with someone". We don't use the verb يجالس a lot, so I don't think that you'll see it a lot.

    About يضحك and يضاحك, يضحك means "laugh", but يضاحك means "make someone laugh (and you laugh too)", like when you play with a baby and it laughs, then you made it laugh.

    Hope this helps.


    to be simple all verbs with "Wazn" "faa3ala" has sense of the real verb action and "with". In otherwise, like the equation:
    verb action( faa3ala) = origin verb action + with / to / in...
    in Arabic:
    فَاعَلَ = فَعلَ| فعَّلَ .... + مع
    ضَاحَكَ = ضَحِكَ + معَ
    جَالَسَ = جَلَسَ+ مع
    In general, the most of verbs in this "wazn" (فَاعَلَ)use two nouns to make a sense. For example,
    person and a person,or person and a thing.
    More examples:
    كَتَبَ = كَاتَبَ which means YOU write to SOMEONE else.
    لاَعَبَ = لَعِب which means YOU play with SOMEONE else.
    *Notes: we cannot every verb in that wazn (فاعَلَ)
    سَمِعَ ===== سَامَعَ which will mean you listen to SOMEONE. [it's wrong]

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