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How would you explain “check with chemist or doctor”?

He closed his eyes. There could be no going back from this morning. She had lied once too often, about something too serious. But he went over it all again, like a sum he had long since solved, afraid he had made some elementary mistake. Painstakingly he added together the constantly shifting dates, the refusal to check with chemist or doctor, the fury with which she had countered any request for clarification, and then the sudden announcement that it was over, with never a shred of proof that it had been real. Along with every other suspicious circumstance, there was his hard-won knowledge of her mythomania, her need to provoke, to taunt, to test.

How would you explain “check with chemist or doctor” in the context? Does it mean to see doctor?

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    Yes, it means to ask a doctor or a pharmacist(chemist in British English).

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