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what pronoun should i use?

In sentences like this
( if the student does not do ( his - her - it - their ) homework, ( he - she - it - they ) will be punished.

I made up this sentence. I am talking in general; I'm not talking about a specific student.

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    I would say "If the student doesn't do their homework they will be punished." This is as you indicated in a general sense, not referring to a specific person.

    If you want to refer to a specific person you could say "If he/she doesn't do his/her homework he/she will be punished."

    Hope that helps!

    I think "his", "he" is better, you wrote "does not", so I prefer "his" "he" .

    You should use 'their' and ‘they', because you are not talking about a person of a specific gender. If you say 'his', that implies that you're talking about a specific student who is male.

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