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cheap, mean and stingy


I would like to ask the difference among these three differents words. As I know these words are too basic which are tough to explain. so I will try to give some examples.

1. cheap.
If A says that B is so cheap, does it mean A hates/dislikes B, because B often does something to annoy A.
e.g: A is a quiet girl, however, B often makes fun of her, which get A so furious. so A can say you are so cheap!
BTW: The fun B makes of is awful, it can be putting cockroaches in her drawers, burit rumors of her and stuff like that.

2. Mean
A. it can be used to a miser. you are so mean which means the you dont even want spend such a ting amount of money on anything.
B. it can mean harsh. you are so mean which means your words is so harsh(not rude) to hurt someone.

3. stingy
if I say you are so stingy. can It be used in anything.
e.g: you say to your girlfriend give me a kiss~ then your gf says no- -. and you can say stingy- -. however, mean is not decent here, right?

Thank you.

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    "Mean" is a very general adjective that can apply to anyone you find unpleasant by reason of generally unkind actions. "Cheap" and "stingy' on the other hand are synonyms. However, "cheap" can sometimes be used as "contemptuous" even though that's pretty rare. Cheap and stingy are usually used to describe someone who doesn't like to spend money, as in not generous, so it has a negative connotation of course.

    I'd say that your examples for number 1 fit better for number 2 (mean). Those are all things that a "mean" person would do.

    "Cheap" works for part A of your examples for number 2. Cheap means "low-cost" or "inexpensive", but you can also call a person "cheap" if they are "stingy" with their money (remember to think of "cheap" as having to do with money).

    And number 3 sounds perfect to me! Stingy means "unwilling to give" or to be ungenerous, so it makes sense in your example. (You can be stingy with just about anything, in your example, the girlfriend is "stingy" with her kisses.)

    So basically, you've got the right idea for all of them, except I would just switch number 1 with part A of number 2.

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