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Which grammar is used in the question?


I cannot understand which grammar is used in follow sentence.
"I see my engine light come on. "
Why not: I see my engine light is on. or even: I see my engine light comes on.
What about the past tense?
I saw my engine light came on? - is it correct?
Please help me....
Thank you.

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    The important difference between the two is this:

    "I see my engine light is on" - you are observing only the current state of the light.
    "I see my engine light has come on" You are noting that the state of your light has changed. It is important information. you are not just stating a fact, but that an event occured.

    In the past tense these would also be different:
    "I saw that my engine light was on" - In the past, the light was on
    "I saw that my engine light had come on" - in the past, i noticed that the light, which was previously off, was now on

    Those are all correct actually. The examples you give that you're questioning are more like you're noticing the light, you're remarking that the light had come/is coming on.
    It is the same pattern as "I want you to go", but with verbs "see", "feel", "notice" etc you need to use a bare infinitive.

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