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How can i say "My Chinese is improving/getting better" ?


"to improve" is "改进" in Chinese? I should make the sentence in a present continuous form. Maybe i should use 在

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    Hello I'm from Taiwan and I speak Chinese :)

    All you need to say is "我的中文正在進步中".
    In fact, you can just get rid of the character "正" cause other people would still know what you mean (improving) if you just said "我的中文在進步中"
    Orally it doesnt matter that much if you ignored "正" in the Chinese sentence of "My Chinese is getting better".

    If you just interpret word by word from English to Chinese, that would be weird and no sense (and too formal as well).

    Hope these could help ^___^


    Improvement, often with "work" and "method" "technology" and other words collocation
    For example: in the teacher's advice, I improved my study methods.

    Improve, often with "life" and "relationship" assigned "conditions" and other words
    For example:We should try our best to improve environment


    我的 汉语 有 改进。

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