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Why is this sentence phrased this way?

他们每隔两个月搞一次聚会 = They have a get together every two months.

I don't understand why this needs two 隔 and 个。
and why use the word 搞。

quite confused about the structure of this.

thanks in advance.

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    他們 = They
    每隔 = every (at intervals)
    兩個月 = two months
    搞 = to make/to do (similar to 做)
    一次 = once
    聚會 = gathering

    *You can say 每個月, but you cannot say 每個兩個月..that is why 每隔 is used, to describe intervals of something.

    他们 每隔 两 个 月 搞 一次 聚会。

    they every two months have a (once) meeting.

    每隔 = měi-gé = every (for time periods)
    搞 = gǎo = do, have


    隔means interveal.-----------every other two months.
    搞 is general. what you do is actually hold a party.

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