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How do I say Happy Mid-Atumn Day Festival

How do I write the symbol?

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    Hello I'm from Taiwan and I speak Chinese :)

    We say Mid-Autumn Festival instead of Mid-Autumn Day Festival
    And you could say Moon Festival as well.

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival & Happy Moon Festival in Chinese would both be 中秋節快樂
    中(zhong) = mid
    秋(qiu) = autumn
    節(jie) = festival
    快樂(kuaile) = happy

    ps. The reason why we also call it Moon Festival is because of the moon of that night.
    It's always so bright, clear and full.

    If you wanna give your friends some gifts with the wishes and you wanna say something formal to them, you could say 中秋佳節愉快!
    This has the same meaning as the upper one but with the formal aspect.

    Hopefully these could help ^__^
    Happy Mid-Autumn Day Festival = 中秋節快樂!


    zhongqiujie kuaile!

    Abroad have the Mid-Autumn festival?

    Happy Mid-Atumn Day Festival = 中秋节 快乐 = Zhōng-qiū-jié kuài-lè



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