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More complex qui and que formations? help!

Can you please explain how the structure of the following phrase works?

"Trois dames ecoutaient la musique que jouait l'orchestre"

In English I understand this means:
Three ladies were listening to the music that the orchestra was playing.

But so far I am only used to the wording in the sentence below: (but not the french sentence above)

"L'orchestra qui jouait la musique etait formidable."

I am wondering if you can give some more explanation on the particular structuring of the first french sentence "Trois dames..", and give some more examples of that?

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    The structure with QUI or QUE is the same, but the important thing is the grammatical role of the word that precedes qui/que.
    In a sentence with QUI this word's always the subject of the sentence:
    L'homme qui est entré... (= l'homme est entré)
    La rue qui se trouve... (=la rue se trouve)

    If there is a QUE, then it means the word preceding it is an object. In your example 'la musique' is a direct object, and not the subject of the sentence:
    Trois dames ecoutaient la musique que jouait l'orchestre. (= the music was played by the orchestra)
    Actually you can divide this complex sentence into 2 simple ones:
    - Les trois dames écoutaient la musique
    - L'orchestre jouait de la musique

    More examples:
    -L'homme que j'ai vu entrer dans la salle était... (The man I saw entering the room was)
    -La rue que je suivais depuis une heure m'a amenée à... (The street that I had been following for an hour has led me to)

    Hi Tiff,

    Les convives se délectaient du repas que le chef avait préparé
    Le chien courrait après la voiture qui avait klaxonné
    L'avion atterissait sur la piste que les ouvriers venaient d'achever

    This is a very common sentence structure, you can imagine thousands of examples.

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