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我先告辞了。 (I gotta go now.)

Can you use this phrase when talking on the telephone?

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    personally I wouldn't use this phrase in a telephone situation. It's more of a face-to-face conversation.

    No,that phrase only use in face to can say 我要收线了!收线=hang up the phone


    一般就用再见,拜拜 (bye bye),明天见,撤了~(bounce)。

    I think bye bye is better on the telephone.

    "我先告辭了". 我認為用在當面告別之外. 也可用在聚會尚未結束. 而個人打算先行離開.
    電話裡不適當. 主要是因為一人掛. 另一人也斷.
    如果數個人在網路聊天. 其中一人說"我先告辭了". 我認為也是可以. 不見得一定要"面對面".

    This phrase is more polite which was mostly used in ancient China. It is normally spoken when someone is talking to another with higher social position or older in age.

    In daily life, Byebye is the most frequent and effective word to express that you are done on a telephone conversation. Even though it is an English word, it is commonly used among Chinese people.

    Thanks. Hope you enjoy your Mandarin learning. :)


    no. Actually we just use bye-bye(拜拜)or 再见(zaijian)
    我先告辞了 is used in ancient time.

    This is not commonly used nowadays. It is more for when you met that person face to face and you are goin to leave. No harm using it, but if it is for phone, it is very uncommon. More for the olden days. People normally use bye bye(再见) or i'm hanging up(我先挂电话了)

    Hope this helps:) Have fun learning Chinese! Good luck:)

    teens say 'bye bye' while the old say'再见‘。

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