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I have a few questions about Japanese after looking through a phrasebook.
Is it common to write今日は , or do more people use こんいちは?
What's the difference between 英語を話しますか and 英語を話せますか?
how about お分かりですか and わかりますか?

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    今日は can be read in two ways, きょうは(today) and こんにちは(hello), so I would wrire こんにちは in hiragana when I'd like to say/ write "hello".
    (One small thing, it's not こんいちは, it is needed to type 3 "n".)

    英語を話しますか? = Do you speak English?
    英語を話せますか?= Can you speak English?

    お分かりですか and わかりますか mean the same but the first one is politer than the second one. Though both of them are formal sentence, the first one is said in the "honorific" word.

    I hope you get understand better than before.

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