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on les rencontre en force


I am not able to comprehend this phrase, could you give me some advice?

I've read such a sentence:" les cubistes, on les rencontre en force." There's another sentence ahead, it writes:"leurs oeuvres remplissent maintenant plusieurs salles et se manifestent dans plusieurs salons,puisqu‘ils font école."

So the author means the Cubist painters as a school, were gathered in large numbers? But I doubted it. What does "rencontre" mean here?

Thanks a lot!

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    rencontrer is "to meet". It think they meant "we meet them there in a powerful way"

    we meet them strong.
    "lls sont en force" like a big army strong to mean than cubist is the powerful painting current of the time.

    Pisqu'ils font école means than people try to do it their way.....
    Not that they physically open a school.

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