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What is the difference between "Когда вы уезжаете" and "когда вы уедете"

Hi :)
I'm still trying to get a better understand of Russian aspects (I think I'm getting). It's just a bit confusing with these verbs thought. I've heard my teacher asking Erasmus student "Когда вы уезжаете" and of course, I understood "When are you leaving us ?"
But, well... Strangely, it wouldn't have been my question. I would have asked "когда вы уедете" as in, a future tense, a result point of view. I don't quite grasp why she used it this way ...
Thing is, I've googled both, and they both are correct. So which one is for which context ? :O

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    Когда вы уезжаете?=When are you going to leave? or When are you leaving?
    Когда вы уедете? It's impolite to ask such a direct question. It sounds like I'm tired of that person and I want him/her to leave as soon as possible.
    Оба правильно. Первый чуть-чуть вежливее.
    "Когда вы уезжаете?" is the polite version ("When are you leaving?")
    "Когда вы уедите?" is too direct ("When will you leave?")


    It is the same as in English. Compare the shades of meaning between: "Когда вы уезжаете?" - "Whеn are you leaving?" and "Когда вы уедете?" - "When will you leave?"
    Good luck in learning Russian :)

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