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How do you use the Indonesian words that mean "a-an"?

sebuah =
seorang =
sepotong =
sebatang =
sehelai =
sepasang =
sebutir =
sepiring =
seekor =

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    sebuah = sebuah telur, sebuah buku, sebuah cerita, sebuah lagu.
    an egg, a book, a story/saga, a song.

    seorang = Seorang anak, seorang ibu, seorang bapak, seorang nenek (humans only)
    a boy/ a girl, a mother, a father, a grandmother

    sepotong = sepotong kue, sepotong kayu, sepotong kain.
    a piece of cake/ a slice of bread

    sebatang = sebatang pohon, sebatang kayu, sebatang pensil, sebatang penggaris.

    sehelai = sehelai rambut, sehelai kain

    sepasang = sepasang sepatu, sepasang sandal ( in pairs of ...)

    sebutir = sebutir telur ( an egg), sebutir pil, sebutir tablet.

    sepiring = sepiring nasi, sepiring makanan / semangkuk sayuran, semangkuk buah.( talking about foods)

    seekor = seekor kambing, seekor ayam ( talking about animals).


    These are classifiers for nouns, and you choose the classifier based on the shape/form of the actual noun.

    For example, "seorang" = se(satu, 1) + orang (person), so you only use "seorang" for humans. Seorang wanita - "one(person) woman".

    Sebuah literally means "one-fruit", but it covers nouns with solid dimensions, eg. sebuah rumah - "one house"

    Remove "se-" from the classifier and you'll get an idea of which classifier may go with which noun.

    For more explanation perhaps you can find here >>>

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