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Russian name Камила?

Hi guys,
I just started to learn Russian and I need a Russian name. My middlename is Kamila so I wonder if it is OK to use it as a Russian name? If so what would be the diminutive forms? By the way, are there any Russian names other that Aleksandra have the diminutive form Sasha?
Thanks! :)

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    Kamila is not very common name in Russia (but very common in Tatarstan as far as I know) but of course it is OK to use it, your name sounds very beautiful! The diminutive form may be Mila ("Mila" is similar to russian word "милая" which means "nice", "sweet", "lovely") . Mila is also a diminutive form of Russian name Lyudmila.
    I don't know any other Russian names except Aleksandra (and Alexandr - for men) that have the diminutive form Sasha.

    Maybe Ekaterina?
    full: Екатерина
    among friends: Катя
    diminutive: Катенька, Катюша

    But why is not Kamila?
    full: Камила
    among friends: Камила, Мила
    diminutive: Камилочка, Милочка,... maybe Камилёнок :)

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