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What is my job called in Chinese?


There seems to be some confusion over what my job is called in Chinese. I am a housekeeper in a hotel. I used the word 管家 that I found in online dictionary nciku, but I think that is wrong for several reasons. First some Chinese people have changed it to various things, and it also seems Nciku is American, and in America, a housekeeper is something different to a housekeeper in England.

A housekeeper (in British English) is someone who cleans the bedrooms in a hotel. They make beds, clean, hoover etc etc. Some people said I am a 管理员, but that can not be right, as that is management team. Someone else sais 行政管家, but I am not a administrator of any kind. Someone else said I am 服务员, but I thought 服务员 meant waitress.

What excatly should I call my job in Chinese?

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    服务员 is a profession which can be both in hotel and in restuarant. 所以我觉得叫酒店服务员比较好。





    First,管家 like Alfred who are in batman.服务员 just like you said more than like waitress.But 服务员 can be used anywhere if you want.客房服务员 or 酒店服务员 is better i think.


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