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How do I start?

Does anyone know any websites or something to start learning Japanese? I'm not sure where or how to start..Would learning something like pinyin be helpful?

For learning: Japanese
Base language: English
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    It's always better to learn to speak a language first before attempting to read it. Think of how long you were speaking your native language before ever attempting to read it. Get the sounds in your head first and the reading will be much, much easier.

    As for sites, I agree with Ken on the JapanesePod recommendation, and a cool new site (well, new to me) called Best wishes on your quest!

    Some site I like for learning languages are, but I don't think they have Japanese yet. is also pretty good. A good site for vocabulary is Also buy yourself a grammar book to read. Another good book to have is the travel phrases books, either from Berlitz or Lonely Planet. The travel phrases are a great way to start speaking with a language partner or tutor. And check out, they are good for listening comprehension.

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