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こんにちわ、nihongo no shitsumon ga arimasu onegaishimasu


I want to say - I shouldn't eat this.
is there a difference between -
tabenai hou ga ii desu
tabenai beki desu

Are they even correct? is there something else?


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    When using 'beki' form, you have to put dictionary affirmative form before 'deki'. And by putting 'de aru' after 'beki', you can make affirmative form in the sentence. And by putting 'dewa nai' after 'beki', you can make negative form in the sentence.
    ex) Affirmative form=Taberu beki de aru. Iku beki de aru. Suwaru beki de aru. ect...

    Negative form=Taberu beki dewa nai. Iku beki dewa nai. Suwaru beki dewa nai. ect...

    'tabenai hoo ga ii' seems to be softer word than 'beki dewa nai'. 'Hoo ga ii' is likely suggesting fom while 'beki' form is likely ordering form.

    I shouldn't eat this, means that "taberu beki dewa nai" would be better as Japanese.
    In terms of your question, Tabenai beki desu= we don't say that, but tabenai hou ga ii desu= it's also a correct expression as I shouldn't eat this.

    Please refer to my suggestion.

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