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Using "让"

Are the sentences below correct? Do they sound natural? I provided what I wanted to say in English, in case the Chinese doesn't make sense.

1. 我会让你知道。
(I will let you know)

2. 别让他们觉得难过。
(Don't make them feel bad)

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    Both of them are natural. But the second one "别让他们感到难过" is better, because in most cases, "觉得”means "think" in spoken Chinese. For example "I think most people on italki are friendly"→“我觉得/认为大多数italki网站的人都很友好”

    for the first one,add 的 at the end will be sound a little more natural,
    我会让你知道sounds a little like half of sentence
    the second one is good

    In my opinion.. the Chinese sentences are sound natural.They are correct.


    第一句没问题,很自然。第二句给觉得去掉就更好了。别让他们难过。we typeically leave out the verb"feel" in this sentence.
    e.g:别让你爸妈担心。 别让你媳妇伤心/难过。


    I would say

    Your original sentences are also completely acceptable. I don't think you need to spend time trying to memorizing the expressions native Chinese speakers recommended.

    the trouble here is you use western thinking to say Chinese phrases...

    if someone says
    "i'll provide you with access to knowledge"
    "prohibited to allow them feel unbearable"
    it will be exactly what you said in Chinese...

    every word is correct but the phrase is not

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