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Tomar vs. beber

I have seen people use both tomar and beber for drinking. Often tomar is for drink orders and beber is for drinking. However when it comes to drinking beer I have heard them both. Can someone please clarify when to use which?

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    I´m from Spain and here: beber = to drink // tomar = to have or take. In Latin America beber = drink // tomar = have, take or drink hard alcohol.

    It´s similar to your language, when you: have breakfast, lunch, dinner... you use "have ..." but really you are eating/drinking. In spanish, if you " tomas el desayuno, la comida, la cena, las cervezas, la medicación... etc..." you use "tomar" but really you are eating or drinking.

    I would use beber, in my school my spanish teacher is from spain and she says we should always use beber for drinks.
    Tomar means to take but its can't also means to drink so if you use it for drinks its would means to have a drink.

    In Spanish you can use "tomar" or "beber" if you are going to drink water, beer, vodka, tea, coffee, liquids in general.

    "beber" is only to drink, that is to say liquids. "tomar" can be used for liquids and solids


    They can both be used interchangeably, although "Tomar" is more everyday. Beber can be linked to alcoholic beverages, for example " bebes demasiado" o "bebes en exceso". Tomar normally would not be expressed this way.

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