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Help with translating Mongolian

Hello, could anyone please translate these words for me into English?

Thank you very much in advance!

Mandakh Nar
Dervun Urliin Ays
Sankhiyu Ayalguu
Nutcaa Durslaa
Tatlagiin Holboo
Mongol Nutag
Uliin Khalzan Davaa
Khoyor Dutgiin Erkh

For learning: Mongolian
Base language: English
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    Hi William,

    Are you learning Mongolian via this site?

    Khulguud = ?????
    Mandakh Nar = Rising Sun
    Temuulel = Inspiration
    Dervun Urliin Ays = Character of the seasons
    Sankhiyu Ayalguu = Nice melody
    Nutcaa Durslaa = Remember secrets
    Tatlagiin Holboo = ??????
    Mongol Nutag = Mongolian Town
    Uliin Khalzan Davaa = Mountains Hill
    Khoyor Dutgiin Erkh = ??????
    Jamukha = Persons Name

    How are you learning mongolian? Hope this helps.

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