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에 따르면 and 에 따라


I know the meanings of these two phrases, but I'd like to understand their construction.

They come from the verb 따르다, but which definition do they use? "to be based/founded on" or maybe "to follow"?

과학자들의 말에 따르면
According to scientists...
Literal: if/when based on scientists' words... ??

And what about 에 따라? How is that constructed? 따르다 in the present tense. What is the literal meaning here?

그들의 신념에 따라
Due to their beliefs...
안전에 대한 우려에 따라
For reasons of security...


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    1)과학자들의 말에 따르면
    you understand exactly what it means.

    2)-에 따라
    a) depend on belief, standard, fact, case...
    예문: 비행기가 예정 경로에 따라 움직였다/ 그 사건은 법에 따라 처리되었다.
    b) something happens with other thing together.
    예문: 가을이 다가옴에 따라 날씨가 추워졌다/ 도시의 인구 집중에 따른 주택 문제

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