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How to say "I received a certificate"?

Is 証明書を受けました correct?

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    Grammatically correct. But in a more natural way of speaking and especially if it is about some kinds of tests/certificates/degrees you got, people usually use 取る/とる (toru - to take).

    Your sentence is really generally spoken (証明書) but lets say you try to get the JLPT N2 test.

    JLPT N2を受けました!  means as much as "I did the JLPT N2 test", means, you tried, did it but still don't know the result.

    JLPT N2を取った! means you passed the test, simultaneously it means you got any kind of certificate you'd usually get by passing a test like this.

    People will understand what you mean anyway, be it 受ける or 取る.

    Hi, ロマン534-san's explanations are great.
    We say 「N2を受けました」and 「N2を取った (passed the exam)」. You can also say 「N2に受かった」but in the case of "received", I would say 受け取りました.

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