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can someone translate these two sentences to english?



thnks a lot

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    英语(try my best to make it sound like English ...):Since there are thousands of different things in the world ,how many of them could you know well about if you just refer to others' narration or your own witnessing?

    英语:The gentleman( or : the young man ) and the lady love each other ,with their eyes meeting eagerly and hearts coinciding loyally ,vowing to be a beloved (sweet ?) couple.

    I'd appreciate it if you would correct my English translation.

    事物既然有上万种那么多,必须等到别人的口头讲述和自己亲眼见到,然后才了解,那能知道多少呢? 形容男女双方以眉目传情,互通爱慕之意,心里暗暗相许。

    There are thousands upon thousands of objects and things in the world, pepole must be heard other people explain or witnessed themselves to know, but how much humans can know?

    Both men and women love each other, ogle to communicate with each other’s affection, and they eager to marry to each other.

    Both sentences are difficult to translation,because it wrote in classical Chinese. My English grammar may be incorrect,but I tried my best to explain those sentences in English.

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