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Hi! Any tips on (good) spanish music, movies and series?

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    Música, this is my favourite singer, Silvio Rodriguez:
    This serie is good:
    And a good movie:
    You don't have subtitles maybe is difficult to understand for you, but when you are able to do it, I'm sure you will enjoy them.


    Creo que mirar pelís es una manera fantastica para aprender lenguajes. Abajo he podido un link donde puedes encontrar muchos títulos.

    ¡Ojála esto te sirve con el español! ¡Buen suerte!

    Podría recomendarte muchas cosas pero solo voy a recomendarte una de cada para no saturarte:

    Música - > Platero Y Tú.
    Peli -> Celda 211.
    Serie -> Crematorio.


    I´d recommend Alatriste, which is based on a great book by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. As well as learning Spanish you can learn about Spanish culture . some facts and characters were real.
    Regarding series, Desaparecida .As for music Gabinete Caligari and Duncan Dhu, although they are from the 80´s their lyrics are great .

    Anabantha, my favorite band that sings in spanish.

    What king of music do you like?

    Indie: los planetas, sidonie, niños mutantes, etc...

    Rock: Extremoduro, Tabletom, Heroes del Silencio, Fito, la cabra mecanica...

    Cantautores: joaquín sabina, ivan ferreiro...

    Metal: Sober, narco...

    Copla: (typical Spanish music) Rocio jurado, Carlos Cano...

    Flamenco: Fosforito, Camarón de la Isla, Enrique Morente...

    Sevillanas y "flamenco pop": Mártires del compás, pata negra, kiko veneno, los delinqüentes...



    Yo te podría aconsejar de música. Puedes buscar grupos tales como:

    Love of lesbian
    Vetusta Morla
    La habitacion Roja
    Lory Meyers

    ¡Espero que te gusten!

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