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If I were talking to a group of people who are younger than me and older than me...Do I use tôi?

I am skyping with people young as 18 to older as 30. If I were to introduce myself, do I use tôi?

I am fully aware that if someone is younger than me, then I use Chi.
I am fully aware that if someone is older than me, then I use Em.

Also, when do I use cô?
Some kids call me cô and it just makes me feel so old.

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    "Co" is used for example you is friend of kid mom . You is younger her 1 to 7,8 years old but older kid about 20 . The kid will call you is "co".

    Yes, Linh Thuy answer right.
    "Cô" is used for woman teacher in Vietnam. So some kids call you as "Cô" for their honor with you and they keep in their mind you are friend with their mom or dad.
    "Chị" will be used if these kids love you as their older sister.

    Nice to help you!

    we never use "tôi" in daily life conversation, it's formal and not friendly at all. If you give a speech, you can use "tôi"and "các bạn" (I and you). I call somebody "cô" if she's about 15 years older than me and younger than my parents. If she's older than my parents, I call her "bác" ( though I think "cô" is also acceptable and more common) and if she's old, I call her "bà". Some kids call me "cô" and I think it's a lovely way of addressing, I like to be called "cô" than "chị" in this case >"<

    In North, you should call someone who is older than you and younger than your mom 'chị'. If someone who is the similar age with your mom, you should call ' cô'. Some ways , if someone is the similar age with your mom but you know she hasn't got married, you can call ' chị', it makes them like you, I guess. :D .
    In Central, people there call ' dì' instead of ' cô'
    ' Tôi' looks more formal, you use it at work , but in your daily life, you should use ' mình, tớ , or just say your name'

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