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I can not understand how this sentence is build ?

آينده ى شما براى ما شهيدان مهم است

1- can i rewrite it as :

ما شهيدان آينده ى شما را مهم است

2- what is the benefit of براى here ?

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    The sentence means "Your future is important for we, martyrs."
    but your rewrite of it doesn't have a meaning.
    and "براى" here refers to "for"

    1- you cannot rewrite the sentence like that
    2- As Arman mentioned 'برای' means 'for'. Actually, the meaning of each part is as follows:
    آینده ی شما:your future; برای ما: for us; شهیدان:martyrs; مهم است: is important.
    Your future is important for us (martyrs)

    Here برای means like" to" in English, for example you say "your educational status is important to me "by using " to " you are showing that your care for that person's condition and also you relate that person to yourself. The same thing happens for برای in your example. So the best definition for برای is "for" and "to".

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