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יש לי שתי שאלות בעברית

1. what is the difference between פה ve כאן?
2.זה הזמן ללכת לעבודה. why use"la'avoda?"

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    Hi Joe!

    1. There is no difference. you can use both in the same situation. for example:
    "שב כאן" = "שב פה"
    "אני נמצא פה" = "אני נמצא כאן"

    2. You use "la'avoda" because the word "Avoda" is being specified - it's not just "a random work". it's a specific work, so you say - "the work" - "la'avoda". the particle "la" already contains the particle "Ha" ("the" in english), so you don't add the particle "ha"....

    Hope i made it clear,

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