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what does "among others" here mean? what does it indicate?

Along with this went a sense of style marked by an easy grace, a certain elan, a vitality that led to an intoxication with speed and latent self-destruction. Bugatti had his princes (in Paris, Paul Morand and Andr6 Derain, among others). The cult also had its dark pages, pieces in an anthology of crashes from which the adept would read during depressed evenings at the bar of La Coupole. Now would be heard about the tragic end of a dancer from Vienna, a beautiful foreigner who had played in The Woman in the Golden Mask, an immensely popular film. A seductress and a ravager. Her name? Lena Amsel. Her conquests? Max Ernst, Aragon, Derain. Lena owned a Buga, a decorative accessory and symbol of a new social status, that of the liberated woman.

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    Morand and Derain weren't his only princes; there were others.

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