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Could you give me some example answers of these questions?

What does she look like?
What is she like?

I believe that the first one is about physical discription and the second one about character. But what about this answer "He looks like a teacher". Is this an example answer of the first one? I don't really know if this is a physical discription. In my opinion, physical discription is the colour of the eyes, if the person is slim, plump, etc.

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    The first question is more likely to be answered with a physical description but "she looks like a teacher" is a possible answer. What's she like could also be "What does she seem like" "What do you think of her" but you could also answer with physical descriptions as well as ones to do with character.

    Description can be character also. It is basically anything that could be guessed about a person, based on what you can see of them.

    He looks like an angry man
    She looks like a fast runner
    They look like they are having fun

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