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does the first sentence mean "Copeau sold the theatre to Georges and Ludmilla?"

In 1926 the event of the Paris theatre season was Copeau's surrender of The Théâtre des Arts to Georges and Ludmilla Pitoeff, who forthwith announced a new production: Orph6e, or Orpheus, a one-act tragedy by Jean Cocteau. This brought Chanel, as Antigone had, back to the sources of the Greek tragic spirit, for she was to design the cos¬tumes. Now the journey would carry her, in the wake of Orpheus, into the kingdom of the dead. Jean Hugo took charge of the sets and made them resolutely contemporary. Pitoeff himself became the director. From Switzerland, Rilke telegraphed his encouragement: "May Jean [Cocteau) feel the warmth of my admiration, he whose poetry alone pene¬trates into myth, whence he returns tanned as if he had been on the seashore." The production caused a great crit¬ical stir, provoking praise and abuse in equal measure.

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    Possibly, but not necessarily. It could just mean that he left them in charge of it.

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