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Afham or fahim?

In a conversation recently I said أنا افهم
The person I was speaking with laughed and said that was a very formal way of saying "I understand," and that in Egypt it was more correct to say ana fahim.
Is this correct? And how is it spelled? أنا فهم?

شكرا جزيلا

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    انا افهم is standard Arabic.
    انا فاهم is Egyptian dialect.


    First of all, both of them can be used in standard Arabic.
    But in Egypt we use أنا فاهم.
    If you're talking in Egyptian dialect, then it's better to say أنا فاهم.

    Hope this helps.

    انا افهم

    when i tell you something , and you want to tell me that you understood it , you can say :
    # " ana fahim or only fahim " " فاهم - انا فاهم " in English understanding . ( informal )
    Also you can say
    # " ana afham ma takol" aw " maza kolt " in English " I am understanding what do you say or I am understanding what did you say " . ( formal - standard Arabic )
    - Don't say " an afhm or afham " and stopping here because it may seem that somebody asked you in general about your understanding , your mind .
    Do you understand ( do you have mind ) ?
    - yes , i do ( yes i understand , yes i have mind , afham ! )
    * wish i could help !

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