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Explain all the " I "

Explain all the " I "

I speak a southern Vietnamese language.
1)And I use tôi when talking to strangers. And if I don't use tôi...I use " don't know/không biết
. don't understand/không hiểu.
2) I use "ta" to be bit aggressive to someone. I used it once and I hope NOT to use it again.
3) I used learned "mình."

khi nào tôi sử dụng & tại sao tôi sử dụng:

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    - We use 'tôi', 'tớ','mình' when talking to strangers who seem to be at about our age, and we call them 'bạn','cậu'. 'Tớ', 'mình' are more informal.
    -'Tôi' is also used when you give your opinion, presentation in a meeting, at class... and especially in writing.
    -we can use 'ta' in 2 ways:
    1. 'Ta' is the same meaning as 'we'. In this case, 'ta' is short form of 'chúng ta' and often used in writing, in speech 'chúng ta','chúng mình', 'bọn mình' are used more popular.
    2. As you've mentioned, 'ta' is a bit aggresive. It equals to 'tao' and in this case we call the person we talk to 'mi', 'mày'. But nowadays, we not only use it when we scold or threat someone. It is widely use when we talk to our close friends and 'tao(I) - mày(you)' is more popular

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