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professional lessons or informal tutor/

what is the best frame work to learn, with professional lessons or informal tutor? do both have lesson plans? thank you

For learning: Russian
Base language: English
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    Personally I would recommend professional teachers as they should be qualified and have relevant experience and knowledge of teaching their subject matter. However as I'm a professional teacher myself I may be a little biased! I'm sure there are very skilled and knowledgeable informal tutors too.

    As for lesson plans, all professional teachers should have one for each lesson.

    In my opinion, if you want to concentrate only on your Russian, a professional teacher will be the best choice.

    If you study a language with an skilled informal tutor (there are those on italki), you can achieve more progress in learning Russian for the same money (or even for free), but some of your time, attention and maybe efforts will have to go on improving their English.

    You decide it. :-)
    I would recommend you to be cautious if you choose to pay money. Sadly, Italki doesn't make background checks of those who want to obtain money for teaching here.


    Just try both and find your ideal teacher. Not all professional teacher are good, not all informal tutors are bad. But almost any teacher can be your ideal one if you will explain what you are waiting from him.

    I think first time with a teacher, after informal tutor.


    I think actually informal tutors are not supposed to have lesson plans just because teaching is considered to be informal, so they offer speaking practice as a matter of fact. However, there are lots of really amazing informal tutors on italki who take their job very seriously, prepare lesson plans and provide very formal materials. So, I think just like someone's already said previously, the most important thing is to find a tutor who will suit you best.

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