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わたし は はるか です

Hey there,

What does "わたし は はるか です" mean?
A word-for-word translation suggested "I great distance am" and I have no idea what that´s supposed to mean.^^

Thanks in Advance :)

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    I guess she, Haruka just introduces herself. It means "I am Haruka."
    I don't know where you heard it but Haruka must be a girl's name. It means "so far away" , "long ago" or "the smell of spring (of maybe Sakura tree?)" We now have some TV personalities named Haruka, such as an actress, a comedian and so on. That's why it has been pretty known as one of popular girls' name in Japan.

    "はるか" is her or his Japanese name.

    ex) I'm Tom.

    Word-to-word translation would be like this,

    わたし は はるか です
    I am Haruka (ending of a sentence - Verb)
    Hope this helps.

    I am Haruka.

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