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je had 't moeten doen

Hey peope, I have a little question for you.
What does it mean - Je had its kunnen zegen. ? I am doing it right now with MT Method, and I'm not sure in which context can I use such a construction.

other constructions

Je zau 't mogen doen

je had 't moeten doen

and so on


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    Je had iets kunnen zeggen. = You could have said something. (But you didn't say anything!)

    Je zou 't mogen doen = Conditional sentence. You could do it. (If you want to; it's allowed to do it)

    Je had 't moeten doen. = You should have done it. Again, the same type of expression like in the first sentence. you *should* have done it, but you didn't do anything.

    Does this clear it up?

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