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I don't understand the last sentence.does it mean"the mouth was punished by teeth?"

"That meekness, which Chanel exacts—and obtains—from herself surprises me more than her authority, because I have read on her face what is most legible: two long, black, unplucked eyebrows, despotic, apt to come together, raise, and lower—above all, lower! quivering every time they are annoyed by the dancing tuft of hair.... From these eyebrows one's attention moves down to the mouth, but there I am not so sure, for in moments of con¬centration and discontent the middle of the face seems to become concave, sucked in, drawn back under the hood of the eyebrows, under the black volute of hair. It's no more than an instant, but one of total silence, of fierce retreat, a momentary petrification from which the mouth suddenly escapes—the lips flexing, corners turned down, impatient, tamed, pun¬ished by cutting teeth.

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does "impatient, tamed, punished " all describe "the mouth"?
what does "cutting"here mean?

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    It's describing her facial expression in moments of concentration, where she would look very stern and suck in her lips and frown, probably biting down on her lower lip, until she suddenly released her mouth from that pose.

    yeah they all refers to the mouth.
    cutting teeth:Teething is the process by which an infant's teeth sequentially appear by breaking through the gums.
    so here it's refer to teething procedure.

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