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What does "fur-muffled idleness" mean?

"Finally, two dark fires dart at me from under the thick tuft, making me think of the gay humor of the little black bull in a time of recreation. . . . But no. Not yet. Putting down her bread-flute, Chanel lovingly handles some antelope leather, soft, worked, polished, melting, with a fur lining that is still more suave. 'It's for me, that, it's for me! Finally, a garment for me! Oh, how good it will feel to be so warm! A good fur-lined garment that is good and light, very snug. ...' She closes her eyes and, with a distinctively feminine gesture, presses it against her cheek, the sheared fur and its wild odor, and I begin to intone about slow walks in the winter air and napping in the automobile, all under an antelope coat. With my eyes closed, I can suddenly see two pupils the color of spangled granite. The color of mountain water in the crevices of a rock bathed in sun-light—but Mile Chanel flatly rejects my suggestions of fur-muffled idleness: That? It's to go boar hunting in.'"】

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    "my suggestions of fur-muffled idleness" = my suggestions that the garment is just a luxury item, to be worn only to display showy fashion, to sit back and be just be warm and snug in..

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