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why "headfirst?"why"into a barrel of molasses?"

"The angel-mannequin has left. Another, a red-haired seraph, has replaced her, and she too leaves. Then it is a sort of deity, glistening—to tell the truth—so much so that she seems to have fallen from heaven, headfirst, into a barrel of molasses. ... As each celestial creature passes, Chanel dreams of giving her some earthly attachment, because I hear that low, obstinate voice: Take off these petits machins..,. Don't add anything to the d6collet£. ... I want to see the wrist, the neck…Here, look at what I am doing…'

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    Her hair, clothes and skin are shiny and soft, as if she had been dipped upside down in a vat of molasses and pulled out. In such a case, she would be covered with stick, shiny, soft molasses, most strongly starting with her head and being less so going down to her legs, knees and feet.

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