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which movie is her last appearance on the stage?

Colette, in a photograph by Henri Lartigue. Then fifty-three, the author had just bought La Treille Muscate ("The Muscat Arbor") in Saint-Tropez. where she would spend her summers. She had just won kudos for what proved to be her last appearance on the stage. This was in The Vagabond, coproduced by the totally bankrupt Poiret. La Revue de Pahs compared Colette to "a Renoir with luscious arms." But even Goudeket, at first sight, found her trop en chair ("too plump"), which in no way prevented his being immediately captivated. Gabrielle Chanel, who had great admiration for Colette, nevertheless took a severe attitude toward the great writer's stoutness: "She positively swaggers in gluttony. The whole of Saint-Tropez is astonished."

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I am confused, which one was her last appearance on the stage? "The vagabon?"or "La Revue de Paris?"

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    "The Vagabond" was her last appearance. La Revue de Paris is probably a magazine where a review of her performance appeared.

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