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What is the best way of learning Chinese tones?

Sometimes I get excited when speaking and I raise my voice but in Chinese this can change the meaning of the words I use! I want to express myself fully but how can keep my voice from rising or lowering on its own?
Also I want to know the best way of learning the Chinese tones completely.

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    1. try to get some information in phonetics, Chinese has 4 tones, this is quite different from western languages,
    2. find a good teacher, a qualified teacher. many Chinese are not able to speak mandarin well, they have accents, find someone withouth accent
    3. find one with TCFL teaching certificatin. not every native speaker know how to teach

    You can find a chinese-speaking people to practice,Chinese is very simple.

    talk to chinese people.

    more precise,not afraid make mistakes.脸皮要厚~like me :)


    It's so hard for me still and I've been studying Chinese for a long time. The more I listen the better. Then after some time goes by, I will go back and repeat what I hear. It helps a lot. Someone mentioned making mistakes. The more mistakes you make the more you'll learn. People will look at you like you're crazy if you said something backward, but then you will ALWAYS remember that mistake and not do it again.

    it is very simple so you must keep yourself the 烦,if you speak饭,the means have can talk with me and we can improve each other

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