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Korean help please

How can ask this in korean

Is (name) going ?

Are they going?

Are you going? (plural)

Are you going?

Is he going ?

I need them informal amd formal i know they're too many but i'm sure there's a lot of people who needs help in this ㅠㅠ

Is she going?

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    (name/이름)는 가니? or (name/이름)는 가나요?/갑니까?(to be more polite or to an older person)

    저 사람들은 가니? or 저 사람들은 가나요?/갑니까?(저 사람들은 can be said in so many different way depending on the context, so this is best I can do without more information)

    너희들은 가니? or 당신들은 가시나요?/갑니까?(Korean was my native language, so I'm not so sure about exact grammar, but it's 가시나요? because you are being respectful to the person you are talking to and the subject here unlike 가나요? when you were only being repectful to the person you are talking to.)

    너는 가니? or 당신은 가시나요?/갑니까?

    저 사람은/남자는 가니? or 저 사람은/남자는 가나요?/갑니까?(사람 is person, and 남자 is a man)

    저 사람은/여자는 가니? or 저 사람은/여자는 가나요?/갑니까?

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