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How do you correctly say "to evaporate" in German?

I went to the dictionary, but it says that "to evaporate" can be verdampfen, abdampfen, bedampfen, aufdampfen and eindampfen (among other things). I would like to know if they all really mean "to evaporate" or if they mean "to evaporate" under different conditions.

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    The words are nearly equal.

    Das Wasser verdampft. (Wasser über dem Siedepunkt).
    Das Wasser verdunstet. (Der Tau verdunstet durch die Sonne).

    It is important in which context you use the word.
    verdampfen = evaporate by heating in general
    abdampfen, eindampfen = evaporate the solvent of a solution to seperate the parts or to get rid of the solvent
    bedampfen, aufdampfen = deposit some material onto a surface by evaporation

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