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Che cosa è "la bella figura"/ (Does it describe ethos?)


la mia domanda è: "Che cosa è la bella figura esattamente? 'E una cosa legata alla apparenza visiva o ha un significato più "profondo"? In questo caso è il senzo di autostima o qualcosa particolare, esclusiva de la cultura e de popolo italiano e in che modo?"


[While researching the topic, la "bella figura" came up either as a general "sense of dignity" or solely as wanting to "looking smart (in one's clothes), "dress to impress". I wonder which of the two it is. Additionaly, quoting the article, as found on the following site,"There is great care given to preserving one's bella figura, dignity. Violating another's sense of self–importance is a dangerous activity." Dangerous in what way?! Link : (The other source was wikipedia, well, we all know that one!)]

Thank you in advance!

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    I read very fast the article of the link, I think it's a little outdated and stereotypical.

    By the way, about "bella figura": it's more or less to be proud of self about something.
    Usually we say "fare bella figura":
    Ho fatto una bella figura all'esame
    My exam went very well (I did it right, I'm proud of it and teachers praised to me)

    "Violating another's sense of self–importance is a dangerous activity", dangerous??
    Maybe in 1800 it could be dangerous... creating dangerous effetcts, like a duel with swords or knifes.

    All kidding aside, it's just rude, no one wants to be degraded by others, and usually italian are very proud people.

    If you want to read some fresh news from Italy I suggest you this: :)

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