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"değiller" in negative questions?

Which one is correct?

1. Onlar balıkçı değil mı?

2. Onlar balıkçı değiller mı?

(Are they not fishermen?)

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    First one.
    It sounds better due to two reasons, at least in my opinion.
    1- When we say something and then say "degil mi?", it is like we are trying to check the accuracy of the statement. And since the 'statement' is singular, degil mi fits better.
    2- Sometimes, in Turkish, 3rd person plural is conjugated as if it is 3rd person singular, especially if 'they' are non-living. For example, we say "Çiçekler çok güzel". We can also say "Çiçekler çok güzelLER" but we dont prefer that. "Kitaplar ilgi çekici" rather than "Kitaplar ilgi çekiciLER". And for your example, I would say "Onlar balıkçı değil" rather than "Onlar balıkçı değilLER". This is another reason why I would go for the first choice.

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