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    It's really difficult to translate a Chinese poem into another language. I can just give you some images of these sentences.

    一元复始,万象更新。A new year begins, and everything renews.象 means something and 元 means time.

    书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟。 It is a very famous poem from Han Yu. It means that only diligence can help you in study.

    松竹梅岁寒三友。松 is pine tree, 竹 is bamboo and 梅 is plum. They are important Imageries in Chinese culture. Because they can live through winter so Chinese people take them as some kind of strong spirit. 岁寒 means winter and 三友 means three friends. 岁寒三友 is a fixed phrase, just means 松竹梅 or the spirit.

    桃李杏春风一家 is similar with 松竹梅岁寒三友. 桃 is peach, 李 is prunus, 杏 is apricot. They all bloom in spring so 春风一家 says they are a family(一家) in spring(春风), which is also a fixed phrase means spring is coming.

    十万家灯火,尽归此外亭台 I'm so sorry that this one is too difficult to me to translate it into Chinses.

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