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Persian/Farsi textbook?

Hi, can anyone recommend a good beginner textbook for Persian/Farsi? And for learners, has there been a textbook that has been particularly useful for you?

If someone has already addressed this question, I apologize. I don't see a way to search threads...

Thank you!

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    I think that ' Persian for beginners' written by Iraj Bashiri can be useful. If you want, I can send you the download link of the book and its accompanying audios.

    Hello Kat ! (J'aime les chats ^^")
    If you already know how to read I recommend you to check this website :
    درس اول = Dars Aval is the first lesson .

    Hello,I LIVE IN IRAN AND ASO I SPEAK FARSI,i want to develop my english.are you interested of speaking with me? i have account in skype if you want i can send you my account
    best regards

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