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Difficulty with 'dont'

Are the following sentences grammatically correct?

pourrais-tu m'envoyer toutes les information dont j'aurai besoin ?
could you send me all the information that I will need ?

c'est une réussite dont je suis très fier.
it's an achievement that I am very proud of.

la manière dont elle m'a parlé était très agressif.
the way she spoke to me was very aggressive.

Also why can I use 'que' in the last sentence instead of 'dont' ?

Thanks for your helps.

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    toutes les informationS
    LA manière, so you need to write "agressive" instead of "agressif"

    You can't use "que" because it relates to the objet of the verb that follows, whereas "dont" relates to the object of a verb followed by "de" (avoir besoin de, rêver de, parler de, la manière de...)
    Hope that helps!

    Think of "dont" as "of which" or "in which". It will make more sense.

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