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anyone can explain the meaning of the last line?

Sirf keh jaaun ya
Aaasmaan pe likh doo
Teri taarifon mein

Chashme Baddoor...

baddoor matlab?

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and also.. rehbar matlab , living kya?

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    Chashme Baddoro- To avoid the effects of an evil eye or far be the evil eye (chashm=sight, bad=evil, door=far).This is a phrase, taken from Persian not a pure Hindi phrase.

    Rehbar- leader, guide, coach.

    Actually Chashm-e-Baddoor (Persian, Urdu, Hindi: चश्म-ए-बददूर ) is a slogan extensively used in Iran, North India and Pakistan to ward-off the evil eye (which is called nazar in the region). It is a Persian language derivation which literally means "far be the evil eye.

    In this song hero is saying that girl is so beautiful and she should be avoid from an evil eye.

    Rehbar is an Urdu word which means a guide, someone who tells the path.

    Thank you

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